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Mission Goals

Uncover the secrets of the world's most elusive spy agency, only with the limited edition NFT mint round.

Phase 1: Assemble the Agents

  • Set up the Groundwork
  • Design the first playable operation area
  • Create tile sets and game assets needed
  • Integrate Elo Ranking
  • Integrate server functionality

Phase 2: Prepare for Missions

  • Refine Visual Effects (e.g Animated Tiles, Animated Bullets, etc.)
  • Refine Sound Effects
  • Add more Weapons
  • Enable Smart Contracts & integrate with Moonbeam Network
  • Add 1/1 Characters into the game
  • Refine Elo Ranking

Phase 3: Take over the World

  • Add throwable Item (e.g Grenades)
  • Add Canary Agents into the game
  • Enable wager mode
Please be advised that the development of mission goals will only commence after the completion of the relevant phase of minting.