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The agents in the Canary Network have diverse traits, allowing them to seamlessly blend into their mission environment. Each trait has its own rarity, and the overall rarity score of an agent is the sum of the rarity scores of its individual traits. This rarity ranking determines the value of the agent. It is important to note that the agent's number is not related to its rarity ranking, and every agent in the Canary Network is unique - there are no two agents that are identical.
The NFT's grant access to a unique and exciting gaming experience, with the ability to own and trade unique valuable assets and the potential to be a part of a vibrant and active community.
Ten unique pieces from renowned Dotsama artists kick off the Canary Network Agency collection. These one of a kind artworks were publicly auctioned off with all proceeds going directly to the artist. A 1/1 (one of one) is an NFT that has been issued as a single, unique edition. 1/1s are seen as more scarce and therefore more valuable, because only one person can own them at a time.
Tako / Shibatales
Lady Kusama
Luigi Lucarelli
Elene Tsukiko
Buddies by Norte
Satori / Chao Sama